Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Heidi, The Great Pyrenees Puppy - Week 5

The biggest news this week is that Heidi is continuing to grow at an unbelievable pace.  Every time I look at her she seems bigger.  She no longer fits in my lap without hanging over onto the ground when we have our brief cuddle in the barn.   She is looking less like a puppy and more like a dog.  Her personality is really beginning to shine.

She had another play date with her sister Dixie who lives down the road.  This time the activity level was much higher. We let them romp in our back field (neutral territory) and they chased and rolled each other in the mud.  At the end of the session we had wet brown pups.  No one remembered to bring a camera :-(

She is also continued to demonstrate her Houdini trait which seems to involve squeezing through the fence.  When I watch her she cannot get through but in the morning she is standing outside the fence.  As a result of this behavior, she is back in the smaller, but more secure pen with the three younger goats.  So far there have been no escapes.  This is the pen with the cozy "Heidi Hole"  which has been taken over by the goats.  Now that Heidi is a bit older (11 weeks) she is happy to hang out and sleep in the dog house.

We also have an interesting inadvertent social experiment developing regarding Heidi and Dixie.  Although Dixie lives on a farm with chickens and will be a general farm protector much like Heidi, she has been spending some of her puppy life in the house and also has been travelling with her owners off the farm to visit various venues.  Heidi has not been in the house for a month and has not been off the farm except to go to the vet.  However, we are both planning to attend a "Canine Good Citizen" class starting in March.


  1. Love reading Heidi updates! We will have Pyrenees/Antoine Shepard puppies in April and know they will be everywhere and into everything but can't wait.

    1. How exciting. I have my hands full with just one.

  2. Do the goats get into the dog house anymore?

  3. Every once in a while they do but they usually just poke their heads in and go out again.

  4. Maybe when she gets bigger she won't be able to escape as easily. I know what you mean about watching them grow before your very eyes. It's crazy, huh? She's super cute. I wish you took pictures of her with Dixie.

    We've been letting Keri in our house at night every now and then for about an hour. She'll take a nap and then go back outside. She looks so big inside the house. She's very well behaved and it's fun to cuddle with her.