Thursday, May 24, 2012

The bucks have a new house too

This winter and spring we embarked on an ambitious project (at least to us) to add two new goat barns and pasture areas. The area for our does was finished earlier this month and after some adjustments by everyone, they are now mostly settled in their new barn.  Did I ever mention that goats don't really like to move?  Well at least mine didn't.

The other area  we were working on was new pasture space for the boys in our front field along our driveway. The beginnings of that project are described here: .

 In mid February it looked like this:

By mid April we had progressed to this:

and this:

By mid May we were nearly ready to bring the boys down.

Now it looks like this.


  1. You said that they didn't like to move. Have they adjusted?

  2. The boys didn't seem to be nearly as finicky about moving as the girls were. They saw all that food waiting for them and off they went. It is funny though because the grass is over their heads. You can just barely see something moving around.

  3. Let us know how long it takes them to get that grass under control.

    1. Probably be talkin' to you along about winter.