Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Veggie Garden

It is almost impossible to believe that it is October already.  I'm not sure what happened to September but I'm fairly certain that it has come and gone.  The garden is looking a bit tired now but frost will be coming our way soon anyway.
Garden at the end of  September.

Contrast this with the fresh spring view of April.

Early spring garden view.

September was a busy month in the garden and by the end of the month most of the leftover summer veggies such as beans and tomatoes have become chicken food.  We did can and freeze the last of the tomato crop and I think we managed to put by 70-some quarts of tomatoes and 60-some pints of salsa.
A few scraggly tomatoes that have succumbed to diseases.

We began harvesting the sweet potatoes that Eve gave us and they did amazingly well.  I dug the first hill and it had 40 pounds of potatoes in it.  I stopped there for a while.
Twenty-six  pounds of the forty-pound hill.

Although the summer garden is done, the fall garden is doing well.  We always plant greens and broccoli which always do well in the cooler weather.
Turnip greens.


Broccoli ready to harvest.

Brussel sprouts....so far all Brussels and no sprouts.

We also have a few Italian fig trees that are doing very well this year and have provided us with quite a few figs.
Green and ripe figs.


October will signal the end of most of the garden plants so we'll be able to send in the clean-up crew.


  1. Are you going to let any turnips grow below your greens? That's the part I like.

    1. Usually we just buy the "turnips" that are just for greens however these are regular turnips. We don't really like turnips but the goats do so they get them.

  2. Your fall garden is beautiful, especially the kale, my favorite of the greens (after spinach, maybe). 70 quarts of tomatoes oughta keep ya awhile, huh? You guys are good gardeners. Our sweet potatoes are tiny this year. Don't know why. Lots of plants but small tomatoes.