Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Drawer Pulls and Such

When Don and I bought our current farm in 1996, it had a house that was not really livable but too good to tear down.  We decided to rebuild the old place while we were living in the 7-sided house just a few miles down the road.  We completed sections of the house in stages over the course of years and finally moved in during 001. 

We discovered that when one is trying to get a house to the point of being able to move in, a few little teeny-tiny things seem to get put on the back steps to the upstairs, well in fact the entire upstairs, and a kitchen.  We slept in every corner of our downstairs (very open floor plan) as we worked on completing various projects, such as a kitchen.  We did have a temporary cooking space in our sunroom that consisted of a hot plate on a sagging table.  It was pretty bare-bones for people that live too far from town for take-out.  So as you might imagine, just getting to the point of having a kitchen became a high priority.  We designed and built all our cabinets and planed all the lumber for the floor, a process that kept us cooking in the temporary kitchen for a good while longer than we wanted.  When it was finally "finished" we abandoned the old kitchen with great glee, except the new kitchen wasn't quite finished.  I embraced the "openness" of my pull-out shelves and dared Don to put doors on them.  He conceded that point but we both agreed it woud be a nice touch to actually get oak drawer fronts attached to the drawer frames. That conversation was so long ago now that I don't even remember what year it was.  Poor Don, who likes to actually finish things and is living with a person who can overlook minor details, finally took the bull by the horns and decided to finish the drawer fronts with or without my blessing.  Don cut rough-sawn oak, planed and put a finish on the drawer fronts and set them aside so we could discuss "hardware".  That was last year.  Somebody who shall remain nameless, dragged her feet, never providing input on hardware so last month Don, in a last attempt to engage me, presented me with his options for drawer pulls.  We settled on the rustic look and lo and behold we now have drawer fronts!  Thank you Don!  They look wonderful except now we both have to retrain ourselves to use them.

Our kitchen.

Cabinets without drawer fronts.

Cabinets with drawer fronts.

Oak drawer fronts with willow handles.


  1. Beautiful Shelley! Don, you did a great job designing those drawer fronts. Love the floors too. Would love to see the rest of the house - looks like a log home - the walls are gorgeous. Always wanted to live in a log home!

  2. Good for Don. We have lots of unfinished projects too. Doesn't everyone? I'm glad that I can picture exactly what you're talking about when you mention your house now. Hopefully we'll get to see the drawer fronts and you some time in 2013.