Tuesday, January 12, 2016


As the name implies, this has been a very intermittent blog, nearly two years in fact since my last post.  It seems as though I just ran out of things worth saying.  However, 2016 brings some exciting news.  We are moving Twiggity Farm!  We moved to West Virginia 20 years ago following careers in the earth sciences.  In a somewhat spontaneous, think with your heart and not your head decision, we bought the most backwoods, off-the-beaten path homestead we could find nestled (or maybe more accurately, crammed) into the steep hills of Roane County. From the very first day of the move we realized this was going to be an adventure of epic proportions for this now ex-suburban couple.  But before we look ahead to the future, here is a glimpse of our first homestead where we lived for 5 years.


More driveway.

Our 7-sided house.

The "facilities".  The only facilities.

Our kitchen with matching 1930's gas and wood stoves.

The bathing facilities complete with gas burners.  Buckets were required for "showers" although in summer you could parttake in a refreshing outdoor shower.


Driveway in winter.


  1. And that was only the beginning. Looking forward to reviewing your epic adventure and hearing about the next phase.

    I wouldn't worry about having nothing to say on your blog, I don't. :)

    1. Yes you do! I was just uninspired apparently.

  2. Yours was one of the first farms I visited when I was starting to blog for WVFarm2U and we spent such a delightful full hours seeing the original place and of course where you had next set up your farm. In fact, I told someone recently about your greenhouse, fueled by your gas well very recently. Come to Oregon!!! We moved to the Willamette Valley about 2.5 years ago and the area here is amazing.

    1. I remember that visit well! We still have the little greenhouse which has served us well. I'm sure Oregon is lovely but our roots are deep here in WV. We are looking forward to settling into our new place come spring.

  3. I can't wait to hear about your move and future plans. How exciting. I hope your new place has free gas too. We often tell people about our lucky friends who have free gas. Until meeting you I'd never heard of that. Keep on bloggin'.