Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chickens! (again)

This post is kind of a continuation of the "re-purposing shed blog" I did earlier this year. An exerpt follows:

Sometime during all this we built a chicken coop in the corner of the veggie garden. When I decided chickens weren't working as planned, the chicken coop became, as you might have guessed, additional hay storage which by now has taken over two bays in the back field, half of the barn and now the chicken coop. As a good faith gesture, however, I have offered to relinquish my grasp on the chicken coop so it can be used as a garden shed. I feel I must confess that I did this so that the ex-blacksmithing shed next to the garden that WAS the garden shed could be retrofitted as a goat barn since it is so handy to the area we are currently fencing. That will be this year's shed project.

Now the chicken coop turned hay-storage shed turned garden shed has reverted to its original purpose to that of a chicken coop.  One of the wonderful asides of raisng and selling goats has been that I have met the most  marvelous people.  Two of these most marvelous people (mother and daughter) gave to me as a gift, 5 wonderful 3-month-old chickens in return for babysitting their milk goat.  After having visited their farm and remarking about the nice chickens they had and how I was thinking about getting more laying hens, and Voila!  I now have 4 mixed breed hens and rooster wandering (looking a bit lost I might add) around inside my chicken coop.  Soon I'm sure I'll be able to say they are merrily foraging and clucking and doing marvelous chicken things but for now they are just plain freaked out.


  1. Poor things. Let us know when they have adjusted. When are they old enough to lay?

    1. They will probably start laying late fall. Hopefully they won't wait until spring.

  2. Don't chickens always look hyper-alert and somewhat freaked out? I'm trying to imagine a calm, mellow chicken. Can't. Hope they start laying soon for you!

  3. Yay! A farm needs chickens:) I don't remember that coop. I guess I'll have to come back and see it.