Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Stroll with Goats

April in WV is always a great time to take walks in the woods and open hillsides.  Goats are perfect companions if you want to take a leisurely stroll to look for emerging flowers or morel mushrooms.  Goats are happy to stop and browse, sometimes on that emerging flower you wanted to see, but usually they find fresh green weeds, some briars, or tempting young leaves.  When I feel like a more challenging walk I take my Spinoni who love nothing more than to keep moving, covering every inch of territory, back and forth, hoping to flush a bird or squirrel.  These walks usually involve clambering up and down steep hills. It usually ends up being a cardio workout with a few obstacles thrown in for that extra little challenge.  When we get home the dogs generally resemble this picture.
A picture form April several years ago, with visiting Spinone Missy, my Spinone Tia
and my old boy Moose.  Sadly Moose is no longer able to participate
on long walks due to advancing age.

Walks with goats is more about reflection and relaxation than seeing how far one can push one's body.  I took my herd of seven does out a few days ago and I'll share some pictures from a lovely spring day.

Pausing for a little Multiflora Rose snack.

Tinkerbelle enjoying some fresh grass.

Heidi and my standard LaMancha.  Heidi is a big dog!

Don't worry!  You won't lose me.  I won't let you take a picture without me in it either.

I love the open woods in early spring.

I want to be in the picture too!

Rain nibbling some fresh leaves.  Yum!

Midnight enjoying a snack of Multiflora Rose. 

Our walk is nearly over.  Time to let these pregnant girls rest a while...except for
Starr pictured in front who is currently giving me over a gallon a day of milk .

I hope you enjoyed the walk.  Next time we'll take the dogs and I'll take some pictures of the farm.  Maybe even one of the dogs will still be in the picture.  Oh, and we didn't find any Morels today but there is always tomorrow!


  1. Pregnant girls? I thought you were done with delivering new kids for this season. Also, the open woods are beautiful. Why aren't they covered with brambles and such. Have the goats kept them clean?

    1. I have not really started my kidding season yet. Only one of my does has kidded. I still have 5 to go so things are just getting started around here.

  2. Nice pictures. I think I'd much prefer the stroll with the goats over the wild trek with the dogs.

    1. I like both. The dogs can take me on a wild trip if I really try to stay near them. Most of the time I just keep them in view (for the most part).

  3. I'm sure you do enjoy both. I was just kidding. I've always enjoyed hikes with my dogs too. A hike with goats is just more leasurely (usually).