Thursday, April 25, 2013

April Walk with Dogs

I promised to take a walk with the dogs in my last blog. It was a lovely day and I did more strolling and picture-taking and let the dogs do most of the scrambling.  Here are some photos around our farm from April 23rd in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia.
I found one of our cats, Aztec, lounging under a large tree in the sun. 
Of course he got up to come see me.

Our dog Ace waiting for me to catch up.

Our Spinone Tia who is constantly on the move.

More moving...

Typical Tia.

Our Spinone Trixie.  She has never met a brush pile that didn't capture her attention.

Trixie, always intense out in the field.

Trail to our gas well where we get our free gas.

Our gas well.

On the way home back down the gas-well trail.

View of our back field.
House and garden in the early morning sun.

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  1. Great pictures. It was good to see Ace. I haven't seen him in a long time.