Monday, January 23, 2012

Heidi, The Great Pyrenees Puppy - Week 3

Our Pyrenees turned 9 weeks old this weekend. There is not a lot new to report this week.  It is amazing though how much she has grown in 3 weeks, both in size and attitude.  She has gained 6 pounds since we got her and she now weighs 20 pounds.  She is still living with the goats and is getting a bit bolder with them.  She spends more time in close proximity to them and the goats are getting used to her as well.

My Mini-La Mancha has butted her into the fence a time or two but Heidi seems to be unfazed.  I think they are all learning their boundaries and tolerances.
Their favorite activity together is chewing tree branches.

Heidi has reclaimed the dog house and she will often lie in it to observe the goats.  We have also turned off the heat lamp because Heidi was starting to avoid it.  That may have a lot to do with the unusually warm January weather but her coat is getting very heavy as well.  She still has her Heidi hole although I had to make it a bit bigger so she can squeeze through.  Fortunately the goats haven't tried using the larger opening.

Heidi's litter sister owned by other family members came over to play this week.  It was fun to see them together.  Dixie was a bit shy since she was on unfamiliar turf.  I'm sure Heidi will be the same way when she goes to visit Dixie.   Heidi is a bit bigger than her sister and will probably end up being the larger adult.

We still spend daily quality time together playing and grooming.  Heidi is able to walk farther now so our daily leash walks are covering a bit more territory.  We visit the bucks in the back field every day so she can see that they belong in her territory.  She no longer pulls on the leash and only lags when there is a situation she is not familiar with such as crossing small creeks.  I think she has to think about it first.  She is learning to sit to be petted.  That hasn't prevented those big front paws from waving around but she seems to be making an effort to control herself and refraining from jumping up.  I'm pleased that she seems willing to go "back to work" willingly when our play time is over.

I also let her play briefly with our other 4 dogs.  I want her to know they belong here.  Here she is with our Spinone, Mr. Moose Tracks.  So far she is an awesome puppy.  We'll see what the next week brings!


  1. Heidi is beautiful! I love Pyrenees and am blessed to have Bella, Hillary, and Tinker (she is half Pyrenees half Antoine Shepard). They are wonderful with our goats. Can't wait to see how Heidi grows and more of her adventures.

  2. Thank you Peggy! This is our first LGD and it is going to be very interesting to see how she does with our goats. The Pyrs we have met are amazing dogs.

  3. Heidi seems to be adapting quickly to everything. Love the picture with her and Dixie. Is Dixie going to be a working dog like Heidi?

  4. I think the plan for Dixie is to help protect the free-range chickens. Bears can be a problem when you have bees so Dixie's role will be to keep any unwanted predators at bay including bears.