Friday, January 6, 2012

Who am I?

Every evening I empty my jeans, shorts, jacket and shirt pockets into a small container that resides in the laundry room.  After about a month or two it is full.  I decided to inventory the contents and here are the results.  I think it may say something about who I am.

One pair of stretchy wrist braces
Several latex gloves
2 carpenter's pencils
1 red pencil
Wadded up paper towels
Used nitrile gloves
Shopping lists
 1 roll electrical tape
Two rolls of dental floss
Bungee balls
Electric conduit connectors
Rubber repair kit
Wire nuts
Drill bits
Hickory nuts
Wire fence fasteners
Assorted nuts and bolts
Bubble level
Handlebar tape from my bicycle
Zip ties
Dog biscuits
Ear plugs
Paper clips
Safety pins
Broken lawnmower spring
Fence staples
A pile of assorted screws
Two magnetic balls to which everything metal was stuck
Allen wrench
Dog toy squeaker
Rubber bands
Cut off pieces of fence wire
Twist ties
Pocket knife
Drill driver tips
Roofing nails
Cup hooks
Map tacks (ouch)
Mood ring
Oak plug
22 shells (snake shot)
Plastic worms
$11 dollars in bills
Big pile of coins


  1. What are bungee balls?
    How close do you have to get to a snake to hit it with a 22?

  2. Bungee balls are the little short pieces of bungee cord that have the balls on one end to secure tarps with. The 22 bullet had "shot" in it so it is accurate from a few feet away. It helps counteract the trembling factor. I did use it to dispatch a copperhead under the deck and the one in my pocket was an extra.

  3. How in the world could you carry all that in your pockets? I'm wondering what it says about you that carry 2 rolls of dental floss in your pockets. Surely you don't floss all day long. I'm guessing you use it for something else, like tying off umbilical cords. But 2 rolls?