Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to Moose , Our Italian Spinone

Italian Spinoni, a pointing breed, have been part of our farm life for almost 10 years now.  Three of these silly and wonderful dogs own us.  The Italian Spinone excels as a hunter, companion, entertainer and counter surfer.  This week is special because our first Spinone turned 10 this week.  Mals-About Moose Tracks came to us in May of 2002 from Kentucky and has been a huge part of our lives.  Although I never showed him in conformation classes, we did earn an AKC obedience title (CD).  I remember heeling off lead and being a nervous wreck when a fly started buzzing around Moose's head.  He snapped at the fly several times but never left my side.  Moose is perfect like that.  Well almost.  I remember getting together for an informal obedience class where we could practice the long "down-stay" with other dogs.  I left Moose in position and started walking away when I saw people trying not to laugh.  I turned around and Moose was belly-crawling behind me.  He never left his down position.  I put him back in position, trying really hard not to laugh at his antics and sure enough, he resumed crawling.  When I returned to him he rolled over and stuck all four feet in the air.  I think it was his way of saying "enough is enough!  I've got this already Mom".  He was right, he never broke a down-stay in the ring. Such is life with Moose.

Here is Moose...in pictures.

An adorable puppy!
A handsome adult.

A day at the beach.

A bed is where you make it.
This is MY crab!
Are you in here????
There's a bird in there!

Obedience medal.

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