Friday, March 2, 2012

Waiting....for babies

 After Monday's ordeal with Phantom's scur, I was very happy to spend a pleasant day yesterday preparing for the arrival of 12 to 14 babies.  Several of our does are now officially due to kid and I spend most of my nights half awake listening to the them paw and rustle around via my baby monitor in the barn.  Fortunately they do tend to sleep at night but I imagine it is hard to get comfortable with all those babies plotting and scheming to get liberated from their close quarters in utero.

Some of the day was spent finishing up preparations in the sunroom adjacent to the kitchen where bottle babies will live for a few weeks.  There was something comforting about aroma of  last night's dinner of sausage and cabbage co-mingled with pine shavings and hay.

I also cleaned all the old bedding out of the stalls and let them dry out with help from the sun and a good breeze.  I put down lime and covered it all with fresh hay so now I'm WAITING!  The does didn't seem too impressed to be in there so where did I find them this morning?

Out side eating of course.  Don't they know I'm WAITING!!

Heidi of course was helping as usual.

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  1. From the look of those goats, I think it should be any minute now. Good luck.